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County Code of Ethics Resolution
Approved November 19, 2013

In accordance with KRS 65A, the Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees (Board) resolves that it places itself under the Anderson County Ethics Code as now written and as it may be amended in the future. The Board reserves the right to review the code annually to keep abreast of any changes that are made to the code by the county. The Board shall also continue to abide by any statutes and administrative regulations which may be applicable to this entity both now and in the future. The Board further reaffirms the Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees Code of Ethics Policy adopted on May 15, 2012.

Code of Ethics Policy
Approved 5/15/12

The Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees depends on the trust of the community to successfully achieve the mission of the Library. Therefore, it is crucial that all Board members strive to maintain the highest ethical standards when conducting business on behalf of the Library. All Board members affirm that they shall:

• Accept and carry out all duties and functions of the position of Trustee with absolute truth, integrity, and honor.
• Recognize that their authority lies only within the legal actions of the Board and not with its individual members.
• Respect the confidential nature of Library business while being aware of and complying with all applicable laws governing the freedom of information.
• Immediately disclose to the Board any conflict of interest they may have with regard to any official action or business before the Board and abstain from any involvement in or decision-making on said issue if they do have such a conflict of interest.
• Avoid situations in which there is a reasonable probability that their personal interests may appear to be in conflict with the best interests of the Library.
• Ensure that their personal philosophies or interests do not interfere with or compromise their ability to carry out their duties in a fair, impartial and objective manner.
• Abstain from using Library resources, or allowing Library resources to be used, for their own personal interest or financial benefit.
• Abstain from using or attempting to use their position as Trustee to obtain personal privileges or advantages for themselves, their friends, or their families.
• Strive to uphold the integrity of the Library and be respectful to their fellow Board members.

To preserve and uphold the Anderson Public Library's reputation as an organization of unimpeachable integrity, each Board member will sign a statement acknowledging receipt and understanding of the Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies at the beginning of each fiscal year (and at the commencement of his/her service) during his or her tenure on the Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees.

If any Board member appears to be in conflict with the statements above, he or she will be asked to meet with the Board as a whole to discuss the issue. The Board will make a recommendation to the Board member as to how the conflict may be rectified. Failure to rectify the conflict to the satisfaction of the Board and/or governing law may result in a Board recommendation for the removal of the offending Board member.