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Conflict of Interest Policy
Adopted 5/15/12

The Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees believes that it is fundamentally important that the public perceives that all policies and decisions of the Board are fairly and impartially determined, and that the personal financial interests of the Board members do not conflict with the interests of the Library. To that end, all Board members must adhere to the following:
1. A Board member shall not participate, directly or indirectly, in the making of any contract on behalf of the Library in which he or she has a personal financial interest; nor shall a Board Member participate in any decision or recommendation involving the Library in which they have a personal financial interest.
2. Any Board member aware of a personal conflict of interest regarding a matter coming before the Board shall bring this to the attention of the Board. The President of the Board shall rule as to whether the situation constitutes a conflict. If a conflict exists, the Board member shall abstain from voting and excuse him/herself from any discussion regarding the matter by leaving the room, and shall not be counted in determining the quorum if that has not already been established for the meeting. These points shall be recorded in the Minutes of such meetings.
3. In the event that the President has a conflict or perceived conflict, the Vice-President will fulfill the role of investigating and ruling on the conflict.
4. A Board member shall not participate in any way in deciding whether to hire any person related to him/her by blood or marriage closer than a second cousin, as an employee of the Library.
5. The Board, in accordance with this policy and applicable law, shall deal with any conflict of interest brought to its attention.

The following statement will be completed and signed annually by each Board member. This requirement does not absolve any Board members of their independent obligation to disclose any conflict of interest as it arises on an ongoing basis. Completed forms shall be reviewed by the Library's attorney and retained as a part of the Library's financial records:

Conflict of Interest Statement

I, __________________________, acknowledge my receipt, review, and understanding of the Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees' Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies. As a part of my commitment to the transparent administration of the Library's business and finances, I affirm as follows:

       I have no affiliations to business, political, or other interests which would influence the decisions that I make in regards to the Library's business and

       I disclose the following affiliations that may influence my decisions or that should be a consideration when actions are made by the Board:




Signed: ____________________________________ Date: _____________________