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Approved 10/14/09
Amended 11/11/09

The Anderson Public Library believes that Library users and staff have the right to work and enjoy the use of Library facilities that are clean, safe and free from undue interference by others. In order to maintain such an environment and to ensure safety and security, the Library has established the following list of behaviors that are not permitted.

Prohibited Behaviors

• Smoking or other tobacco use inside the Library

• Shouting, talking loudly (including cell phone conversations), or creating other noise that disturbs others

• Running, roughhousing, throwing objects, or committing other disorderly actions

• Using electronic devices so that they are audible to and disturb others

• Physical, verbal, visual, or sexual harassment or abuse of others. This includes:

a. threatening gestures, words, actions
b. swearing, sexual, vulgar, other inappropriate or indecent language
c. assault or attempted assault
d. prolonged staring or following
e. sexual advances, exposing genitals, breasts, or buttocks, or engaging in sexual behavior

• Stealing, vandalizing, defacing, damaging, or misusing Library property

• Possession, use, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

• Using skateboards, roller blades/skates/scooters inside or on Library property

• Soliciting of any kind and/or asking for signatures on petitions, except for official library business

• Blocking aisles, entrances to building or parking areas, bringing bicycles into the building

• Eating or drinking within the Library unless at authorized Library events

• Bringing animals into the building, except for service animals or as part of an authorized Library event or program

• Exhibiting offensive body odor to the degree that it interferes with the use of the Library by others

• Violating established Computer Use Policy. See complete Computer Use Policy for further information

• Entering the Library without being fully clothed, including shirts and shoes

• Leaving children under age 11 unattended at the Library. Please see Children's Safety Policy for further information regarding children at the Library.

• Any other activity which interferes with the use of the Library by others, prevents Library staff from carrying out their duties, or otherwise disrupts the operation of the Library


For general, non-threatening violations such as loud talking, cell phone use, smoking, etc., staff should warn violators about their behavior and give them a chance to correct it. If the violator refuses to comply, staff is authorized to deny computer use, borrowing privileges, or other Library benefits and may also ask the violator to leave the building and all Library property for the remainder of the day.

For more serious, threatening and/or illegal behavior, staff is authorized to ask the violator to leave the building and all Library property immediately without any warning or request to cease the behavior in question.

The Library Director or other staff member in charge should be notified if a situation becomes threatening and/or involves calling law enforcement for assistance.

Repeat and/or serious offenders may be barred from the Library for extended periods of time ranging from one week to one year. Individuals who have been barred from the Library for an extended period of time have the right to appeal the decision to the Library Board of Trustees. Such appeal must be made in writing within 30 days of the start of the period of disbarment. The Board of Trustees will address the matter at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting that is more than one week later than the date of receipt of the appeal. Decisions by the Board of Trustees are final.

Violations that involve illegal activities, behavior that continues to occur after an individual has been barred from the Library for an extended period, and/or behavior that is severely inappropriate such as harassment, threats, and/or physical violence against others may result in a permanent ban from the Library at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees.

Parents or legal guardians are liable for all acts of minors.

Library staff is authorized to call law enforcement for assistance whenever they feel it is necessary and/or if a violator refuses to leave Library property at the request of Library staff. Violations that involve illegal actions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.